Shake The Dust (2015)


From executive producer and rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones and journalist-turned-filmmaker Adam SjöbergShake the Dust chronicles the influence of breakdancing, exploring how it strikes a resonant chord in the slums, favelas and ghettos of the world and far beyond. Showcasing some of the most jaw-dropping breakdancing moves ever committed to film, Shake the Dust is an inspiring tribute to the uplifting power of music and movement.

Rolling Stones: Queensbridge icon Nas serves as executive producer, and some of his best songs, like “I Can” and “God Love Us Hood,” can be heard accompanying the dancers’ movements. (The rest of the soundtrack includes music by Common, Talib Kweli and international acts like Uganda’s Sylvester and Abramz and Cambodian rapper praCh.) Karim Lokwa, a kid Sjöberg met in “a pretty poor part of Kampala,” delivers the film’s spare, haunting narration.

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Release dateApril 17, 2015 (USA)
Full Soundtrack:


“Get By” Performed by Talib Kweli Courtesy of Rawkus Entertainment Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

“The Corner” (feat. The Last Poets) Performed by Common Courtesy of Geffen Records Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

“simplistic” Performed by praCh Courtesy of Mujestic Records

“Africaanthem” Performed by Ruyonga Courtesy of Ruyonga

“Masra7 Deeb” Performed by Deeb Courtesy of Mohammed el Deeb

“I Can” Performed by Nas Courtesy of Colombia Records

“Guns & Roses” Performed by Vince Staples Courtesy of Blacksmith Records

“Kyendi Kyendi” Performed by Sylvester & Abramz Courtesy of Abramz Tekya

“God Love Us Hood” Performed by Nas Courtesy of Colombia Records

“Alamna Marfou3” Peformed by Deeb feat Edd Courtesty of Mohammed el Deeb