Long Beach Symphony Presents KHMERASPORA

Written and directed by the world-renowned Cambodian American rapper, praCh, KHMERASPORA is a musical performance that tells the Cambodian American experience. Featuring three world premieres by internationally renowned Cambodian composer, Chinary Ung, this artistic collaboration unites musicians from the Long Beach Symphony conducted by Music Director, Eckart Preu, with Cambodian instrumentalists, dancers, and singers. A documentary film by award-winning filmmaker Caylee So memorializes the project and videographer Robert Chhaing-Carleton’s video will ensure that KHMERASPORA has a global presence and impact.

Artistic Partners

Eckart Preu, conductor

Musicians of the Long Beach Symphony

praCh Ly, writer, producer, director, performer

Chinary Ung, composer

Mea Lath, dance choreographer

Modern Apsara, Cambodian dancer ensemble

Ho Chan Ensemble, Cambodian instrumentalists

Chhom Nimol, singer

Chrysanthe Tan, violinist

Kalean Ung, actress

Caylee So, filmmaker

Robert Chhaing-Carleton, videographer


Part of the Symphony’s MUSICAL BRIDGES community engagement initiative, this free performance is the culmination of a day-long festival celebrating Cambodian food, music and dance with activities on the Terrace Theater Plaza.


praCh Ly, our lives are forever changed because of you. Thank YOU for your vision, your brilliance, and your passion for sharing this important story. – Kelly Ruggirello, President of Long Beach Symphony

“Phenomenal performances by PraCh Ly, Kalean Ung Breen, Nimol Chhom and many more. I enjoyed conducting the world premieres of 3 works by Chinary Ung. A incredibly moving evening.” – Eckart Preu, Conductor, LBS

“This experience will be a highlight of my career and has enriched my life. Thank you for sharing your talent, energy and emotion with the community. You’re incredible, praCh. Your vision was genius!” – Issy Farris, LBS

“What an amazing event you put on for our community! Thank you for your talent and gift!” – United Cambodian Community

“THANK YOU praCh! It was a very emotional and powerful show! Everyone love it!” – Cambodia Town, California

“PraCh Ly is a Khmer gem. The audience and I were so mesmerized by his amazing performance of his songs fluently in English and in Khmer. He is a phenomenal artist and great Role Model to the Khmer young generation about preserving their Culture, the Khmer Language and maintaining their Khmer identity. The whole team of musicians, vocalists and dancers captivated the full audience in the theater. The show ended with a thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the whole theater.” – Chan Hopson, Khmer Parents

praCh Ly– I am so happy I was able to make it to witness this epic event. Your madness is brilliance and your talents are a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing all of it with us! And thank you to everyone involved and to all artists that brought this special show to fruition.” – Bochan Huy

FÉLICITATIONS on uniting the community in an unprecedented way…for being a trailblazing, melodic visionary…for crafting a powerful, intimate, gut wrenching tale…you brought together our Khmer community’s premiere talent to perform on a single stage. It was beautiful, haunting & brought me to tears. Decidedly, it was your MAGNUM OPUS. BRAVO, my friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You can rest now.” ❤️👏🇰🇭🙏 – Olary Yim

“Amazing performance, PraCH. It was so worth the trip from NY with my family. It was very emotional for a lot of people. Thanks for the inspiration and commitment in bringing the Cambodian Community together. My boys were very happy to see you performed and meet you in person. Congratulations, you deserved that standing ovation, not just for the performance, but for who you are!” – Soben Hak

“Congratulations 💕💕💕 It was momentous, historic, with an all-inclusive audience, many of whom had never been to a Symphony Hall in their lives!” – Teri Kap Tan

“The KhmerAspora was an epic event and such a moving musical. If it didn’t have your Khmer Pride leveled up tenfold then you probably weren’t there. All I gotta say is PraCh Ly killed it (no killing fields) and Kaitlyn Mady on the flute too! 🇰🇭🎤🪈 🎶” – Don R. Pin

“Monumental moments in Long Beach. Such pouring of performing artists and community from the Cambodian community and the general LB community to KHMERASPORA a collaboration with the Long Beach Symphony and leader artist PraCh Ly along with so many talented Cambodian singers and dancers Mea Lath. What a melding of past and present, tradtional and contemporary forms, and communities communities communities! Best rap+opera I’ve ever attended!” – Ova Saopeng

“Your performance, compositions and message thru your words are truly a gift to the world. I understand how special this is for the Cambodian Community, and I hope many around this country and our world will have the continued opportunity to listen and learn from you. Congratulations on delivering a brilliant, important and spectacular message. Blessings to you praCh” – Julie Eppich

“Amazing performance by Prach and the rest of the performers. It was an incredible experience to watch these talented artists depict our story and bring it to life. Thank you @prachstagram for using your platform and talent to keep the Khmer culture alive. Your dedication and outstanding leadership has brought our community together. So proud to know you!” – Soche Chau 

“I enjoyed the show very much and teared up as so proud of Prach and our performers too. Very spectacular show and special thanks to the Long Beach Symphony for their generous collaboration and opportunities to showcase our cultural talents.” – Danielle Khim

“I was moved so deeply, so many times, throughout the performances.” – Sander Roscoe Wolff

“So deeply moved!! It was so powerful!” – Tom Nguyen

“The performance was Absolutely amazing. I was so move and emotional many times throughout the show. Thank you for having us there and thank you for keeping Khmer traditions alive 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Dara Chheng

“It was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in my life!!!! So amazing! ✨✨” – Nancy Luong