In The Life of Music (2018)

Movie • 1 hr 32 min 2 sec • Family, Drama, Romance, War, Music, History

In the Life of Music is a powerful intergenerational tale that explores love, war, and  a family’s relationship to: ‘Champa Battambang,’ made famous by Sinn Sisamouth (The King of Cambodian Music). Exploring three different decades, it depicts the lives of people whose world is inevitably transformed by the emergence of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Directors: Caylee So, Visal Sok
Writers: Dane Styler, Caylee So
Cinematography by: David D. Rivera Rojas
Film Editing By: Frank Martinez
Produced by: Neardey Trinh, Caylee So, praCh Ly
Executive Produced by: Bao Huynh, Asma Jafir, Kolap Vanny, Serey Vanny,
Chanda Kiep, Sothearos Kiep, Sophal Ear, Luis Martinez and Brian Lee
Original Music by: Gavin Keese
Sound Design and Re-recording Mixing by: Yu-Ting Su
VFX Supervisor: Sina San
Film Colorist: Scott Bradbury

Main Cast:
Vandarith Phem (Chy)
Sreynan Chea (Phally)
Roza Las (Malis)
Thouna Kanika (Bopha)
Arn Chorn-Pond (Mith)
Ratanak Ben (Little Comrade)
Ellen Wong (Hope)
Sovuthy Ker (Vanny)
Cheat Sovannareach (Nang)
Bopha Som (Ming Bo)