praCh, is an internationally renowned, critically acclaimed, award winning artist. His debut album is the first #1 rap album in Cambodia. NEWSWEEK proclaimed him as “The First Cambodian Rap Star”. Through masterful lyrics of powerful rap music, his music not only entertains but also educates. His lyrics have been published by multiple publishers and is currently being used for Southeast Asian Studies.

In 2004 he went on a 23 States tour across the United States and was a subject for Japan’s documentary film, which won NHK’s *Best Documentary of the Year in 2004. His involvement in films ranges from scoring music for a baseball documentary RICE FIELD OF DREAMS (2010) to creating original music for *Sundance Award Winning and *Oscar Shortlisted movie ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE (2010), a Producer of award winning short film PAULINA (2013), provided music for the Student Academy Awards/Oscars finalist short film SAMNANG (2013) and the Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones produced film SHAKE THE DUST (2014), NHK’s Special Programs: Asian Dreamers (2014), Producer of INVISIBLE DANCE (2015) and Producer of IN THE LIFE OF MUSIC (2018), a Cambodia Oscar Selection Committee selected film to represent the country of Cambodia in the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020. A Writer, Producer and Director of SATOOK (2022), a film that was granted by the Lilly Endowment Inc. and the SMITHSONIAN’s National Museum of Asian Art. And a Writer, Producer, Director and Performer for KHMERASPORA (2023), a Cambodian American Musical Experience in collaboration with the Long Beach Symphony

He lectures and headlines events in prestigious institutions and Ivy League universities, from the SMITHSONIAN in DC, to the International ‘Freedom to Write’ festival at BROWN to the Scholars at Risk at HARVARD. He’s been featured in the Cambodia Daily, Phnom Penh Post, Newsweek, Times, ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NHK, FOX, PBS, PRI, NPR, VOA, RFA, American Route, Press-Telegram, LA Times, New York Times, OC-Weekly, Frontline, The,, and countless others.

He is the youngest Coordinator of the Cambodian New Year Celebration in Long Beach California (2002-2004). The GRAND MARSHAL of the 2nd Annual Cambodian New Year Parade (2005), Long Beach City’s GRAND MARSHAL of the 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace and Unity Parade and Celebration (2014), Awarded by the Cambodian-American Business Association for “Successful Business, Entrepreneurship and Community Service Excellence” (2011), winner of the Long Beach Post ‘40 under 40‘ Awards (2013), UCI Libraries Southeast Asian Archive Ambassadors (2015), Winner of the Innovations in the 33rd Awards (2016) and he’s the Co-Founder, Co-Director of the CAMBODIA TOWN FILM FESTIVAL. First rapper to perform in the College Music Society (2022) and First rapper to perform with the Long Beach Symphony (2023). First and only Cambodian to receive the “Special Recognition” award in the 89 year history of the Long Beach Symphony (2023).

A highly recognized and respected public figure, praCh resides in California and Florida.