Performing with Anida Yoeu Ali and Bochan at the SEASON OF CAMBODIA, representing the 1.5 Generation in NYC.

Lecturing and performing for the students of Lanier Middle School in Houston, Texas.

Guest speaker and performer at Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) Dinner Gala.

Lecturing and performing at HARVARD – The Living Magazine and Scholars At Risk.

praCh will headlining the multi-day festival celebrating the literature and culture of Cambodia at Brown University, March 14 – 17, 2011. “Khmer Voices Rising: An International Freedom-to-Write Literary Festival,” presented by Brown’s International Writers Project and Literary Arts Program.

Lecturing and Performing at BROWN University – Khmer Voices Rising: An International Freedom-to-Write Festival (including representatives of International PEN and PEN America); and film showings, music, and plays.

Lecturing and performing at Lowell High School, Massachusetts.

Me and Bee Vang (Gran Torino) visiting a Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lecturing and performing with the Solebury School chorus, Pennsylvania.

Performing at Cambodian New Year Celebration, Long Beach, California.

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