The 2nd Language: Language Art

[no longer in publication]

The 2nd Language: Language Arts

Members: Ted, Syam, Silong
Hometown: Tacoma Washington
Record Label: Mujestic Records
Executive Producer: praCh, Sparc
Producer: Silong Chhun

The Tacoma-based rap trio The 2nd Language consists of Silong, Syam and Uncle Ted, a group who takes you from the killing fields to urban nightlife and every place in between through music. Their music speaks volumes to young Asian Americans who find solace in hip-hop culture, yet struggle to maintain their native traditions. Nonetheless, The 2nd Language’s debut album Language Arts

In Language Arts, the Cambodian-born trio makes candid, ear-catching rap music with a wide artistic range that reflects them as a collective and as individuals. They artfully pay homage to Hennessy as well as their heritage. In “New Day Tomorrow,” Syam, using his blend of poetic guile and storytelling techniques slays a sorrowful, yet inspiring track that treks you through the wake of the Khmer Rouge holocaust. From horror to humor, Uncle Ted utilizes his comedic wit and clever punchlines, in songs like “T.H.B” and the Chris Rock-inspired “Massagin’ This Stick,” to provide relief through humorous escapes and raunchy entertainment. These artistic forays are seamlessly bridged and balanced by Silong, whose poignant lyrics and charismatic style flows throughout Language Arts and compliments the prose of Syam and Uncle Ted’s personality.

The person behind the boards for Language Arts is producer Red Cambino, Silong’s alter ego. The rapper/producer, influenced by everyone from Sin Sisamouth to The Rza to Kanye West uses samples, sounds and rhythms from around the globe and from every musical genre to set the dynamic sonic landscape for The 2nd Language’s debut album.

Language Arts is a basic introduction, and provides creative insight, for what’s to come from all involved. These children of the ’80s, from the Evergreen State, can’t wait to bring the noise. speaks clearly to anyone who seeks good music.